Car Lighting Solutions in South East Melbourne

Working car lights are important when on the road. Proper headlights help you see the road conditions, obstacles and traffic signs in the dark. Moreover, they enable fellow drivers to notice your movements or intentions, preventing accidents. Generally, each vehicle comes equipped with standard lights. However, it’s not a bad idea to upgrade them eventually.

That’s where our lighting repair and replacement service comes in. JCM Auto Electrics is one of the best auto workshops in South East Melbourne that provides light accessories, installation services and more. We deal in high-quality products that offer durable solutions. Hence, our inventory contains premium-quality headlights and taillights that offer optimal performance.

Affordable Car Lighting Installation Services

It’s time you get a new car lighting system if your current ones are starting to falter. Headlights that offer inadequate brightness pose a safety risk. Ensure seamless control with our trailer brake controller, a vital component of our comprehensive car lighting solutions. Experience enhanced safety and performance on the road.

Our vehicle lighting solutions can replace your old lights for enhanced visibility on the road.

We offer a wide range of lighting services at our workshop. They include:

  • LED light installations
  • Headlight bulb upgrades
  • Fog light and tail lights
  • Lighting repair and replacement

Moreover, you can choose a set of lights according to your preference – type, colour, and control methods. Our installation procedure is as follows:

  • Prerequisites: Once we take up your lighting repair or upgrade project, we first prepare your car for installation. This involves:
    • Cleaning the surfaces for better attachment
    • Finding the right product for your car
    • Disconnecting the battery for safety reasons
    • Gathering essential tools like connectors, wire cutters, etc.
  • Mounting: After you’ve selected the appropriate headlight replacement for your car, we begin the installation process. Our technicians check the existing switches on the dashboard and replace them if needed. Then, we mount the relay into the engine bay while making sure it’s far away from the exhaust and hot spots.
  • Wiring: Next, our mechanics use solder or connectors to join the wires to the power source.
  • Testing: Then, we reconnect the car battery to test the new lighting system. We ensure they respond to the controller and all the sections light up.
  • Repairs: Instead of replacing the lights, we also provide headlight upgrades and electrical repairs. Our auto electricians can:
    • Replace old halogen bulbs
    • Verify wire connections to ensure they’re tight
    • Check if the light bulb socket’s wire is loose or burnt
    • Replace the socket in case of defects

We Offer Different Types of Car Lights

JCM Auto Electrics supplies standard and aftermarket vehicle lights in South East Melbourne. We have the following car lighting systems available:

  • Exterior and Interior Lighting: You can choose different options to beautify your vehicle’s insides and outside.
  • Headlights: You can opt for either of the following lights that match your requirements:
    • Low-beam headlamps: They are perfect for normal driving during the night. Since these lights are installed slightly downward, they do not give glare to obstruct the vision of oncoming drivers.
    • High beam headlights: These are used in less busy roads or darker areas when offroading.
  • Fog Lights: Mounted at a lower position, fog light installations offer enhanced visibility during heavy rain, storms, or foggy weather. Plus, it also allows the driver behind to spot your vehicle in bad weather.
  • Interior Lighting: Illuminate the interior of your car for convenience. We have them in dim yellow to avoid interfering with your vision at night.
  • Tail Lights: Usually in red colour, they signal your presence and intentions to drivers behind you.
  • Brake Lights: Unlike tail lights, they only glow when the driver steps on the brakes. You want functioning brake lights to avoid pileups when driving.

Benefits of Upgrading Car Headlights

If you are thinking of upgrading your car’s headlights, we recommend you do. LED light installations are quite popular, thanks to their high visibility beams. Upgrading your headlights offers many advantages including:

  • Better brightness and clarity
  • Improved visibility at night
  • Stylish and unique design options
  • Longer lifespan
  • Efficient lighting
  • Waterproof
  • Several colour options
  • Energy efficient
Get a Free Quote on Lighting Repair and Replacement

Lights are critical components of any vehicle. This is why you want professionals who can deliver impressive results. JCM Auto Electrics is one of the top providers of car lighting systems and accessories. Depending on your car and preferences, we have basic to advanced LED lights for all models.

So get in touch with us today for a free quote on lighting repair and replacement services in South East Melbourne. You can call us on 0409 198 185 or email us at for assistance.

FAQs About Lighting Repair and Replacement

We install and repair all kinds of car lighting including headlamps, fog lights, tail lights, exterior and interior lighting, and more. For a detailed list, please contact our support team.

Yes, our auto mechanics will use lights that are compatible with your car. Rest assured, we only use high-quality products from almost all top brands and makes. Get in touch with us to get a free quote.

There are numerous advantages to upgrading your headlights. First, they offer greater visibility and enhanced safety on roads, In addition, high-quality LED lights can last longer than halogen bulbs.